Portrait Photo - Nicole Tietze

Nicole Tietze

I’m a woman who likes to enchant people with animations.
I grew up in Germany and since summer of 2021, I’ve been living in Dundee, Scotland.
It was a big change from the years in Berlin where I worked in multiple post-production companies over 5 years. 
A job opportunity for my lovely husband brought us to Scotland. 
The silence you can find in a small walk to the river or the energy you get by hiking in these breathtaking mountains inspires me. My personal favourite experience so far is the view from the OLD MAN OF STORR on the Isle of Skye.
Since my arrival, I have met so many kind people. There are always open for a chat but be aware that sometimes there are very honest.
What I like about our generation - you can learn so much. Behind every corner, you will discover something new. Sometimes it's a new friend, the other time an experience to develop your strengths.
Maybe our paths cross in the future and we can walk together for some miles.